So this is the story about the guy I dated who was long distance and I found out he was cheating through Facebook. I met Bill-yum in the military- he was fine, muscular, dark eyes, bald head, dark skinned like I like most of my men. He was goofy and fun to be around. I started seeing him in December of 13″ and we saw each other about twice a month since we lived so far away from each other. He lived in upper state in PA where I lived in the city- filthydelfia.(philly). We seemed to have a sex only type deal for a while and we were fucking anywhere and everywhere we had the chance to. We met up during our drill time with the military and fucked in empty classrooms and in mechanical rooms he just so happened to know no one went into- being with him was fun- deff added to my list of crazy places to have sex- we got drunk the one night hanging out with two other military buddies and fucked in the back of her car while her and the other guy was driving in the front seats- at that point it was all about him and me and him getting me off- anyway he laid down the pipe like no other- he was the second from my number 1 on my list of military guys.

Number 1 I’ll talk about at another time- that’s when I was going through my fuck every guy on my list phase- which I’ll blog about later-                        Anyway Bill-yum was my match sexually and that to me is hard to find these days- guys say they want a girl who likes to have sex a lot but don’t know how to handle it when they actually want lots of sex- go figure- so me and BillYum were a thing for months and months turned into a year. We seemed cool the first few months and talked on the phone often I came to his house often the very first few months then all of a sudden the excuses came as to why we couldn’t stay at his place anymore- my landlord is renovating or the carpets have fleas- yea my dumbass was caught up in the whirlwind likeness and the best sex in my life so just overlooked the fact that clearly something ain’t right here. The very last time I stayed at his house I found a black bag with random clothing in it- it was a huge red flag and I confronted him about it- I was so angry cause I knew it was another woman’s things. So he was playing me- why wouldn’t he? We lived too far away and he’s a man so that explains it! Men have needs just like women do- I wasn’t all that innocent either in this thing we had but the way I found out was grimy   and upsetting as hell. I confronted him and he said no baby they’re my daughters clothes- he does have kids who supposedly come visit him every so often so my dumbass believed him, I hugged him and said I was tripping then we fucked the whole night after that. Around November I receive a Facebook message from some woman named susan- susan looks very old way older than me and him and she has like 5 children- why the fuck is this woman claiming that Bill-yum is her man. She goes on to say how her and Bill-yum started dating in January wow a month after he started seeing me- and they currently live together! She even went as far as sending photos of the inside of his bedroom and house. I felt crushed! Really dude you live with this chick- you come and see me we cuddle and share secrets and I suck and fuck you and you go home to this old bag woman and get sucked and fucked by her. I never felt so humiliated in my life. We ended up messaging back and forth about this man we both were seeing then she gives me her phone number- we talk on the phone- this woman speaks really ghetto and sounds uneducated.

I stayed calm although I felt hurt and lied to and betrayed by this guy I thought was only seeing me. I was starting to catch those feelings people always talk about having. So she goes off on her he’s my man why you have pictures with him on yo page- this is the most ghetto white woman I ever talked to. Smh. So I say yea he was my boyfriend, you can keep his cheating ass I don’t want him. It ain’t worth it. Then she puts him on the phone. He acting as if I’m crazy and I made up the fact that we have been seeing each other the last year. Damn this dude is good. Guess he was really trying to keep the old bitch cause she had money and security it’s cool. Do you dude. Not about sharing a man with no one, especially not a woman who looks used up- prob had a disease or something. So I ended it with him. I thanked the woman for letting me know and also mention my pair of black heels are there and I’d like them vac- prob stung a little on her part but fuck I thought I was the only one he was seeing. So that ruined my thanksgiving for a minute- then I went in on some pumpkin pie- all things were better after that.