So there’s this guy named Gary. I have known him for over a year now and we are great friends. We have hung out a few times and just talked about what’s going on in our lives, families, kids, jobs stuff like that. We met through an online dating site- which I occasionally just go on to see if there’s guys- never usually meet anyone in person besides this one weirdo named Tim. I will get to Tim in a later post. Anyway I looked on Gary’s page and saw all these photos of my older brother in then with this heavy set guy named Gary. Gary is a different type of guy that I never thought I’d ever date or go for. He’s a fairly large Irish guy with red hair, with the biggest smile. He seeks to really love life and talks very loud. I messaged Gary to see why he had photos of my brother on his page and it just so happens he’s best friends with him. Thought it was weird as hell cause I didn’t wanna date another brothers friend, so we just messaged back and forth on the site and nothing more. Until the next week we are at a military fundraiser function and guess who’s there….. Gary. My sister and I went together and we were dressed to kill that night. We looked very sexy cause we were headed out to go dancing later that night. We go to the wine bar and try opening the wine bottle up- where it just so happens Gary comes up to help us open the bottle up. He is bright red as his huge hands break the wine opener. Me and my sister stare at each other both laugh and make a somewhat dirty joke about the wine bottle getting it rough… And we smile and walk away. I receive a message on that dating site a few days later and he says you are Seans sister aren’t you?he says he saw me at that function and I looked sexy. He wanted to meet up again. The second time I met him was at a bar for a family thing my brother was throwing. The whole time I’m guzzling beers and flirting with Gary. But it would be nothing more than that. We decided we would just be good friends. We occasionally talk on the phone- and we text about upcoming parties my brother has. He’s a cool guy but he seems as fucked up as me or even worse when it comes to ladies and dating. I think Gary crossed paths with me to open my eyes to what else is out there and to prove whatever ideals I had in my head wrong about what is considered to be handsome or my type- since in fact Gary is the complete opposite of the usually tall black guys I would date, being a fairly large white man with red hair and a red face.

I learned to broaden my type so I can see what else is out there- in order to eventually find my match.  Although I still love black men, giving white men a try to and not gonna discriminate.